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Modem swap

Wed, 10 Mar 2021 12:11:50 +0000

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Resolved after 1h 40m of downtime. Wed, 10 Mar 2021 13:52:13 +0000

Initial - After the internet going down here due to random modem reboots, we’ll be replacing the modem in the hopes to have it be more stable. This may take a little while and as such, no ETA will be given.

Update 2021-03-10 1350 - Internet has resumed, however, due to a change of public IPs, services will remain down for a while longer.

Update 2021-03-10 1424 - My slave DNS at dns.linux.pizza ( has caught up and slowly other DNS servers are also catching up.
Currently, there is still no ETA until full recovery.
You may be able to speed up this process for yourself by flushing your local DNS caches.

Update 2021-03-10 1451 - It seems the majority of DNS servers have caught up, all services appear to have returned to normal.