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Traefik upgrade

Thu, 18 Jun 2020 21:08:07 +0000

Website Testing Website Matrix MaidBot

Resolved after 2h 36m of downtime. Thu, 18 Jun 2020 23:44:21 +0000

I’ll be updating the Traefik proxy to the latest version.
Because this change is breaking, services listed may not automatically recover until I fix them.

update 18/06/2020 23:49 - It’s taking far longer than I expected because of the garbage documentation for migrations made by Traefik.

update 19/06/2020 00:39 - The feeling when, after an hour of trouble shooting you get a different error <3

update 19/06/2020 00:41 - Or when one service is up and running again.

update 19/06/2020 01:23 - Matrix and the MaidBot documentation are up again.

update 19/06/2020 01:40 - Testing is also live again, last on the list is the live website.
PMA is still dead though, but that’s of no relevance to you and not that important at the moment.

update 19/06/2020 01:43 - Live website is also running…
Finally this headache is over…